Why I Love My Wife (Part 2)

This is a continuation of my last post on how amazing my wife is and some of the qualities I love about her.

Today I want to focus on how dedicated she is.  Dedication is a hard quality to come by.  Most people are dedicated up to the point where something begins to impact their desires and then the dedication goes out the door.  This is not the case with my loving wife.  She amazes me on a daily basis to the dedication she puts into all aspects of her life.  When she starts something she puts hear heart and soul into it.

A few years ago she began going to the gym to lose weight and get into shape and quickly fell in love with doing Zumba.  After a short amount of time she was certified in many different types of Zumba, along with other fitness programs, and teaching others how to get in shape and also have fun at the same time.  To this day, whether sick or sore, tired or worn out, she still puts everything she has into becoming more fit and healthier.  When most would look at the gym and run away she runs towards it.

The gym by no means is the only thing she is dedicated to.  Every aspect of her family life shows how dedicated she is to be well-being of our family.  She sacrifices her time constantly to better those around her.  Missing out on activities she likes to spend time as a family.  She could be sick as a dog and hardly able to move but still goes to the gym, goes to the store for groceries and cleans the house.  She doesn’t let personal difficulties get in her way.  She is an inspiration to us all.  I constantly hear from people we know how wonderful and dedicated she is.

I don’t tell her nearly as much as I should how much I love and appreciate her dedication.  I find that most of the time I do not tell those around me how much their actions mean.  That’s one of the reasons I’m writing this, to tell her just how much that dedication means to me.  Her dedication to me, our family and those around her mean more than words can express.  Thank you Alicia for all you do, you are truly amazing and I love you more than you could ever know.

Why I Love My Wife (Part 1)

My wife is an amazing woman; her great qualities are difficult to all capture.  These are just a few of those qualities…  I want to let her know just how I feel and how she impacts those around her (especially me) on a daily basis.

My wife has an amazing heart.  This subject could go on by itself for many pages.  My wife puts the needs of others before herself constantly.  Every day she wakes and begin the day by getting our boys breakfast and ready for school.  This may not seem such a big deal to most but what might be a 5-minute job for some has been several hours of preparing for her. Preparing lunches for each day beforehand.  Preparing breakfast items for the week beforehand.  Most people spend maybe a few minutes a week doing these things, if any at all.  My wife spends countless hours ensuring our children are provided for.  Anything from making and attending doctor appointments, to spending hours a week at piano practice for our children, to taking the time at the store to pick out that little special gift for someone.  Where a lot of people may overlook or not notice these things, I see these in my wife every day.  Her heart is not limited to just the children by any means.  Spending a little extra time with someone after Zumba class.  Doing Zumba classes for sick children for free.  Calling up someone to cheer them up or just calling them up to say hi.  In this day and age of email and texts, everyone still gets birthday cards and Christmas cards and sometimes a card just because.  And one of the best ‘just becauses’, she’ll bring me some good Cane Asada burritos at work just because she knows they are my favorite.

This is just a small sample of what she does on a daily basis.  In this ongoing blog I want to let her know just how much it all means to me and how much I love everything about her.

SCCM 2012 – Creating maintenance windows via PowerShell

After years of manually creating maintenance windows for our server patching and being too lazy to create a script for it, I ran across a good article by Jeroen Erkelens on creating maintenance windows via a PowerShell script.  You can read Jeroen’s post here.  Jeroen’s script is great but relies on hard-coded dates in a CSV file.  I wanted something that would set the maintenance windows based on a static number of days after Patch Tuesday.

I then found another great piece of PowerShell code by Wilson Souza on TechNet which gives an example of how to retrieve the date for the second Tuesday of the month.  You can see Wilson’s post here.

I mashed these two scripts together along with some of my own code to create this script.  It takes a CSV file as an input, here’s an example:

Collection – The collection ID that you want to set the maintenance window on.
DaysPastPatchTuesday – The number of days past Patch Tuesday for the MW.
MWStart – The start time of the MW.
MWEnd – The end time of the MW.
OtherData – Anything…  I personally use this for the collection name so I know which collection I’m looking at.



SCCM 2012 R2 View Problem

I recently discovered the database view on our SCCM 2012 R2 view v_UsersPrimaryMachines contained no data.  All of the data is present on all primary site servers.  After tracing through all views which the data is based on I narrowed the problem down to the vLocalSystemIDXRef view.  vLocalSystemIDXRef uses two functions, dbo.fnGetSiteRangeStart and dbo.fnGetSiteRangeEnd.  Here is the original SQL for the view:

After examining other views which used these two functions in the WHERE clause it became clear that all of the other views also included an OR statement in the WHERE which called a function dbo.fnIsCasOrStandalonePrimary to always return the data on CAS’s and stand-alone primary site servers.

I opened a case with MS to make them aware of the defect so it could be documented and corrected in a future release.  After several rounds of troubleshooting and explaining my findings they finally admitted a problem (in a round-about way) and we’ve started the process of opening a product change request.  Why a defect requires a product change is beyond me but that’s beside the point…

If you want to correct the v_UsersPrimaryMachines view you must modify the SQL for vLocalSystemIDXRef to the following:

I’ll try to update this post if/when a final resolution is provided by MS.  Knowing MS it’ll take some time though.  I’ve reported other SCCM 2012 R2 bugs which have yet to be resolved after 9+ months…


Jason Galbreath